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Blu-ray and DVD video on single hybrid disc

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Blu-ray fans can still get a dose of DVD if they pay a little extra

In a peculiar move aimed at boosting the popularity of the Blu-ray disc format, a Japanese company has become the first in the world to announce a hybrid BD/DVD package.

Pony Canyon's 'Code Blue' TV series will appear in February, offering nine hours of the popular show on four hybrid discs that contain both Blu-ray and DVD versions.

Wide compatibility

Each disc has a BD layer on top that can hold 25GB of high-definition video, while two more DVD layers underneath allow for 8.5GB of standard-definition content as well.

The ¥36,540 (£273) box set is compatible with almost all players on the market, whether they're DVD or Blu-ray decks.

A semi-reflective layer between the two kinds of media allows the red laser of a DVD player to pass through the BD layer and play back just that content. A BD machine, on the other hand, will see only the top layer.