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The best high-def TVs of 2007

Plus the set has a 100Hz processor to tackle LCD's problems with losing clarity over moving objects; while Ambilight technology that makes your viewing more relaxing and immersive by casting pools of colour light from the TV's sides.

Finally, an innovative 'Clear LCD' backlight system that uses an array of Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamps in place of the usual single backlight, boosts black levels and motion handling. It all adds up to the most fun I've had with a 32-inch TV all year.
Our 4th selection is a TV that finally unlocks for the mass market the real potential of digital broadcasting AND recording. The LG 42LT75 is the first TV in the UK to be officially certified as a ' Freeview Playback' set, which means three things.

First, it's got a built-in digital Freeview DVB-T tuner. Second, it's got a built-in hard disk drive (160GB) that can be used for recording digital programmes. And third, the recording system allows the pausing of live TV and is fully conversant with the latest iteration of Freeview's 7-day electronic programme guide, including permitting the series link functionality that's long been so attractive on Sky+ boxes.

What's more, the operating system LG provides to make all the 42LT75's functionality accessible is quite superbly designed, ensuring there really is no barrier to even the most technophobic of TV buyers getting into the joys of the digital TV world.

Add to all of this very decent 42-inch LCD pictures and the fact that you're getting the lot for just a grand, and the set's inclusion on our top five list is a no-brainer.
Picking the final brand for our TV top five is easy; no look back at 2007 would be complete without something from Samsung. The Korean brand has had a remarkable year, combining huge sales, great strides forward in performance terms, and bags of impressive innovation. Picking the exact model to feature, though, is more tricky.

In the end we were torn between two outstanding offerings: the Samsung PS50P96FD 50-inch plasma, with its jaw-droppingly affordable and impressive full HD performance, and the Samsung LE52F96BD, a huge 52-inch LCD TV which replaces the usual LCD backlight with an array of individually controllable LED lights with startling results.

In the end we've gone for innovation, as the LE52F96BD's LED system instantly gives you the best black levels, richest colours and arguably finest motion handling the LCD world has yet managed. Somehow we doubt this is the last we'll hear of LED...

Roll on 2008. TVs can (and will) only get better.