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PlayStation games are the latest to get ported to Android Wear

PlayStation games Android Wear
He probably could have chosen a better game than Croc

There is something undeniably fun about playing games on platforms they weren't meant to run on, which has to be the motivation behind the dude who put games like Pokemon and Fallout onto an Android Wear smartwatch.

Now a different YouTuber has struck with another impressive feat: playing original PlayStation games like Croc: Legend of the Gobbos on a smartwatch.

The method is actually simple; today's tech, even something small like a smartwatch, has more advanced specs than the game consoles of a couple of decades ago, and a PS1 emulator for Android seemed to do the trick just fine on Android Wear.

There are bigger questions here - like why you'd want to play any game at all on a 1.5-inch screen - but for now let's just enjoy how ridiculous this is.

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