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AMD: 'Xbox 720 graphics will equal Avatar'

Xbox 720 - graphics on an Avatar scale
Xbox 720 - graphics on an Avatar scale

Although we could still be who knows how many years away from the Xbox One's launch, AMD reckons it will be a beast of a machine, pumping out graphics that offer Avatar-levels of detail.

James Cameron's opus used CGI and 3D capturing, with each minute of footage costing $1 million to make.

Not only will the console be capable of Avatar-style graphics, according to Neal Robison, AMD's director of ISV relationships, it will also feature improved artificial intelligence and physics capabilities.

Next level AI

This could mean that each individual incidental character – like the pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto, for example – could each take on their own individual personality.

Although AMD was happy to chew the fat over what the next Xbox will be capable of, it wouldn't confirm if it is actually working on the hardware.

The as-yet unnamed Xbox 360 successor has been dubbed the Xbox 720 by the online community, with various release dates mooted – from as early as CES 2012 to some time in 2016.

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