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It's Apple Store offline Tuesday! Again.

The US Apple Store is currently offline

Yes, Mac fans, the US Apple Store is currently offline, suggesting yet another round of giddying hardware and software updates. Or it could just be maintenance. Rumour sites are currently speculating that we may get an iPod touch software update today - the original January release has been withdrawn from sale.

TUAW says the US Apple Store has been offline for six hours when it posted its take, which suggests something a bit more substantial than an iPod touch update.

It could just be maintenance, but then is Tuesday - and Apple loves announcing new stuff on the second day of the working week.

TUAW also speculates on the reasons why Apple has to take down the entire store just to update it with some new products. It cites one Apple staffer who suggests that an engineering flaw is to blame - but it's a flaw that happens to play rather nicely with the fever-pitched anticipation of Mac fans every time the Store goes down.

As has been typical these last few weeks the UK Apple Store is still offline. We'll bring you an update as soon as we have more.