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Apple moves App previews to the web

App previews now available via the web
App previews now available via the web

Apple has made a small but significant tweak to the way you use the App Store, adding a web preview option to the service.

As of this week, you can check out an app in your iPhone and iPod browser (and any internet browser) without actually loading up iTunes.

This means you now don't actually have to go near iTunes to view apps which you want to peruse. Instead you will be redirected to a preview page. Here you have the option to preview within your browser or within iTunes.

That's right – Apple is actually giving you options!

Name that iTune

To be fair to Apple, it already rolled out this feature for music within iTunes. Back in November it added the option to view artists and songs via a browser and not within the iTunes Store.

Could it be that iTunes is to finally go web-based? Possibly. Considering the Fruit House is bigging up the brilliance of web surfing on the Apple iPad and its lack of decent memory, it does make sense to embrace the cloud