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Toshiba announces next-gen enterprise HDDs

Toshiba promises performance and security

Toshiba has unveiled a new selection of hard disk drives aimed at the enterprise market, with superior speed and performance.

The range includes the AL13SXB series and the self-encrypting AL13SXQ series. Both are 15,000 RPM, offering superfast transfer speeds.

The drives will support 512n, 512e, or 4Kn storage formats. The former touts speeds of 228MiB/s, a 19 per cent increase on previous generation models. The latter two offer sustained transfer rates of 243MiB/s, a 27 per cent boost on older drives.

The 2.5-inch models are available in capacities up to 600GB, the highest currently available for a drive of this performance level.

Enterprise enhancements

The shift to a 2.5-inch form factor will reduce latency and power costs compared to previous 3.5-inch models of similar capacity and performance.

Businesses also have the option for extra enterprise features, such as the sanitise device function, which allows users to quickly destroy sensitive data on the magnetic disks.

Another enterprise feature is self-encryption, which may protect such data from being exposed in the first place.

Finally, the 512e and 4Kn models feature persistent write cache technology to help prevent data loss in the event of a sudden power cut.

Sample models will be available from mid-March. Pricing and an official launch date have yet to be decided.