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DIY solid-state drive built from SD cards

Solid-state storage comes in a DIY version too

Anyone geeky enough to be interested in adding a little solid-state storage to their homebrew PC is likely to be unsatisfied with the current range of small SSDs that are commercially available, so it's fortunate there are alternatives.

One of the cheapest is the ¥10,000 (£48) SATA adapter from Japanese company PhotoFast that is designed to take up to half a dozen SD/SDHC cards instead of the memory chips used in proper SSDs.

Costly hobby

So, if you can get your hands on six of the 32GB SDHC that are currently the largest available, you'll have yourself a very tasty 192GB slice of non-moving storage.

Unfortunately, a drive that large will cost around £400, but we did say this is one for the geeks out there.