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Chunky 128GB SSD market getting crowded

InnoDisk's drives use SATA connectors, coming in 2.5-inch enclosures

Not that we needed any convincing that solid state storage is the future for home computers, but here's an addition to the field that points traditional hard drives clearly towards the door marked 'exit'.

Taiwanese storage specialist InnoDisk has just started production of its new SATA 10000 series SSDs in capacities up to 128GB. As the name suggests, the drives use SATA connectors, coming in 2.5-inch enclosures.

Faster flash memory

The new drives stand out from the crowd - at least until Intel gets its SSDs to market - by offering read and write speeds up to 20 per cent faster than normal hard disks. Sustained read speeds at 110MB/s and bursts at 300MB/s are impressive.

InnoDisk has also addressed the perceived short lifespan of SSDs by adding a 'wear-levelling' control chip that balances the workload across the different elements of NAND memory.

There's no word on pricing yet, but it's clear the rush to produce SSDs will drive prices down very quickly.