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Nvidia outs new powerful new notebook GPUs

Nvidia 750
Expect to see these bad boys in the coming months

Keeping its firm grip on the graphics market, Nvidia has announced a new line of GPUs for notebook computers.

There are five in total, all of which will function "with no effort or input from the notebook user," according to Nvidia, while using its GPU Boost 2.0 tech to adjust clock speeds.

The GeForce GT 720M and 735M make up the "mainstream" segment of the new line, while the GT 740M, 745M and 750M form the "performance segment", with the latter three giving a fair bit more graphical grunt.


Nvidia says we can expect to see the new range appearing in notebooks "from every leading manufacturer" in the coming months. It lists Acer, Asus, Samsung and Sony among those introducing the new 700M range into future notebooks.

You'll also find Nvidia's Optimus technology on board, which optimises battery life by turning the GPU on and off only when necessary.

Nvidia has outlined all the details over on its blog, including a bunch of fancy graphs displaying the difference in power between the new GPUs.

Via Engadget