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Google launches music service in China

Google's new service could help curb Chinese piracy
Google's new service could help curb Chinese piracy

Google has announced plans to launch a music search service in China in a bid to help curb music piracy.

The service will allow users to search through tens of thousands of songs on the site, while making money from advertising revenue.

Users can then download songs legally from Other Chinese search engines have faced lawsuits for allowing access to illegally downloaded material.

Internet and music industry, sitting in a tree…

"The Internet industry should by no means stand in the opposite camp against the music industry," Google China President Kai-fu Lee said.

"Google always believes profoundly that mutual interest, rather than monopoly, is the key to sustainable growth."

The profits from the service will be shared between and other music partners.

With China one of the biggest culprits of downloading illegal materials, this may just be a drop in the ocean against the bigger problems.

But given Google's might and ability to make these kinds of services work, it would be foolish to write it off just yet.