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EMI to join Nokia's "comes with music"

Has Apple missed the all-you-can-eat music boat?

Following yesterday's news that Apple is in new talks with major music labels, EMI is now said to be in talks with Nokia about the Finnish mobile firm's "Comes With Music" service.

"We want to be part of it. I believe strongly that when it launches we will be there, with a full offering," Wemppa Koivumaki, head of EMI Finland, told a news conference yesterday.

Nokia's "Comes With Music" service is set to launch later this year, offering users access to millions of tunes, with Universal already signed up to the service.

Unlimited access

Nokia describes the service as 'a revolutionary program that enables people to buy a Nokia device with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks from a range of great artists - past, present and future.'

Apparently, once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.

TechRadar will bring you further updates on Apple's 'all-you-can-eat' music plans and Nokia's "Comes With Music" as and when we get them.