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Apple's quadrupling your iTunes Match song limit

iTunes Match

If 25,000 songs isn't enough to scratch any and all your musical itches, then it be time to scale back your music collection. Or you could just sign up to iTunes Match.

When iOS 9 and Apple's music streaming service – inventively titled Apple Music – launch later this year, iTunes Match customers will see their iCloud song limit raised from 25,000 to 100,000 songs.

Apple executive Eddy Cue revealed the news on Twitter when pressed on how Apple Music will integrate with iTunes match.

A match made in Cupertino

Cue also re-emphasised that Apple Music subscriptions will effectively include iTunes Match, as the service will match and upload any songs you own so they can be accessed from anywhere.

The way it works is if there's a song or album Apple Music doesn't offer, you can buy it from any other source, upload it, and then access it from the Apple Music app alongside all the tracks the service already offers.

This approach will ensure music lovers can satisfactorily plug any gaps in Apple Music's library. iTunes Match currently costs US$24.99 / £21.99 / AUD$34.99 per year.