75 Canon photography tips for taking control of your camera

Get more from your EOS camera with this exhaustive guide full of Canon photography tips.

Canon photography tips for customising your EOS camera

Canon photography tips custom dial setting

70 Custom dial setting
Custom shooting modes (C1, C2, C3) first appeared on the EOS 5D to allow a snapshot of the camera settings to be saved (via the menu) for instant recall. Virtually all custom functions and user settings are saved with the snapshot.

Since the EOS 5D Mk III the option has existed to allow updates to be automatically saved when using the custom shooting modes. The EOS 5D series, 60D, 70D, 7D, 7D Mk II, 6D and 1D X all have one or more custom shooting modes.

Canon photography tips back button focus

71 Back button focus
Custom controls allow you to optimise your Canon camera to the way you work. One such example is back-button focus. This shifts the control of how your camera focuses to the rear AF-ON or * button. You press the button to focus, and release to stop focusing. This means that half-pressing the shutter button activates the metering, and doesn't affect focusing.

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Canon photography tips Picture Styles

72 Picture Styles
Picture Style determines how the camera will process an image. Even if you shoot Raw, the image on the camera's LCD is processed in accordance with the selected Picture Style settings. It is also possible to create or download and install your own custom Picture Styles to your camera using Canon's Picture Style Editor.

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73 Auto rotation
The camera rotates images on the rear LCD display by default, but choosing the second of the three auto rotate options will make portrait pictures fill the LCD.

74 Add your details
Most EOS cameras allow copyright text to be configured from the Set-up menu. This is stored in each picture and can be read by many software applications.

75 Viewfinder warnings
Newer DSLRs like the 760D let you add alerts to the viewfinder, such as the Monochrome picture style having been set. So you'll never make a mistake again!


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