21 really useful Spotify tips and tricks

Searching for songs and managing results made easy

11. Volume control


Hold CTRL (CMD on a Mac) and hit the up or down arrow on your keyboard to change Spotify's volume.

12. Tune in to the radio


There are some days when you just don't know what you want to listen to, and that big search box looks terrifying. When that happens to you, select "Radio" from the left hand pane, hit "Create a new station" and pick an artist, album, or playlist that you like. Spotify will then pick other, similar tracks from its library to play.

13. Go gapless


Plenty of albums are designed to be listened to as one continuous mix, so in a recent upgrade Spotify added the option to eliminate the gaps between tracks when you're listening to them. It should be enabled by default, but to check go to Spotify settings and tick the "Gapless Playback" option. You can also crossfade tracks if that floats your boat.

14. Listen online


It's not always convenient to load up the desktop version of Spotify if you just want to play a quick song. Or perhaps you don't have permissions to install software on your computer. In either case, try the web interface instead. Go to play.spotify.com in your browser and you'll get the full Spotify experience without installing anything.

15. Integrate Spotify with Firefox or Chrome


Spotify Search is one of our favourite plugins. It enables you to search for information on the current track direct from your browser. Combine it with Spotify Search for a complete search and playback solution in your browser. Once downloaded all you have to do is: Right-click selection and search in Spotify. You can also download this add-on for the Chrome web browser.

16. Quicker playlist creation


So, you've found Spotify's most popular tracks – now turn them into a playlist. CTRL and click on tracks to make multiple selections, then right-click to open the context sensitive menu and choose "Save to" and "New Playlist".

17. Have a laugh

Spotify tips

Not all of Spotify's content is music. There's a bunch of good comedy on the service too, which you can find by going to "Genres & Moods" from the menu at the top of Spotify's window, and scrolling down to "Comedy".

You'll find comedy playlists, full albums and a whole lot more to tickle your funny bone.

18. Go see a show

Spotify tips

Perhaps you've heard that some musicians aren't totally happy with the amount of money Spotify pays them. The best way to support your favourite bands it to buy merchandise or go see them on tour. Spotify, with the help of Songkick, will tell you when your favourite musicians are playing in your town and help you to acquire a ticket.

Click "Browse" then select "Concerts" to see what bands you've listened to are playing near you. If you want to search further afield, click "Change Location".

19. Get an interactive soundtrack to your run

Spotify tips

Spotify can create an interactive playlist to help you keep entertained and motivated while going for a run. On the Spotify app for Android and iOS devices, go to the Browse screen and scroll down until you see running.

Pick a playlist that suits your tastes and then get running. Spotify will use your smartphone's sensors to measure your speed and tempo while running, and will pick songs based on how fast you're running.

20. Find the queue and history

Spotify tips

If you're making a playlist on the fly you can right-click a song and select 'Add to Queue'. This will play the song after the one currently playing has finished (or if you already have songs in the queue it will add the song to the end).

If you want to see what's going to play next, click the icon of three horizontal lines at the bottom of the window in the desktop version of Spotify (to the right of where it says 'Lyrics'). The Play Queue window will appear, showing you what you've got coming up. If you've changed your mind about a song you can remove them from the queue here, or rearrange the order in which they play.

If you want to listen to a song you've recently played, click 'History' to see a list of songs you've already listened to.

21. Recover an old Playlist

Spotify tips

Have you deleted a Playlist that you now want to listen to again? You can probably restore it by logging in to Spotify's account website. Once logged in go to 'Account Settings' and on the left-hand menu select 'Recover playlists'.