Baldur's Gate 3 player beats the game's toughest mode by using only its worst spell

The Dark Urge's eerie butler
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Baldur's Gate 3 has been out for a while now, but, thanks to the playful and open-ended design found in Larian's hit fantasy role-playing game, players are still finding new ways of approaching its sprawling campaign.

Fracture, a YouTuber with a celebrated history of completing Baldur's Gate 3 in impressively weird ways, has beaten the RPG's notoriously tough Honor Mode using only the game's dullest spell.

Despite the difficulty and permadeath on offer in Honor Mode, Fracture was able to get through the game only using True Strike - an underwhelming spell that gives you a bonus to your next attack but takes up your turn in the process.

"In this run, I didn't use explosives," explained Fracutre in the YouTube video chronicling this achievement. "There were no necrotic corpse shenanigans. I didn't attack my enemies or use weapon special abilities that deal damage and no offensive spells of any kind other than the all-powerful, unstoppable True Strike." 

The secret to Fracture's run was the use of a specific magic item: the Boots of Stormy Clamour. The boots trigger when the wearer casts a spell on a hostile creature, inflicting two stacks of a condition called Reverberation. Once an enemy takes five stacks of this condition, they'll take between one to four thunder damage - a tiny amount, but enough to slowly chip away at enemies if you cast True Strike on them.         

You can see the whole video below if you're curious as to how Fracture was able to pull this off.

In other Baldur's Gate 3 news, patch 6 recently dropped, adding "new and randomized kisses for every romantic partner." The patch also saw the addition of new idle animations for companion characters in camp, giving the RPG's already compelling and well-rounded supporting cast even more depth. The update also added Legendary Actions - special moves for certain bosses - to Honor Mode as well.

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