LG GW520 review

It's more stylish Cookie than clever Arena, but the GW520 feels underpowered where it counts

LG GW520
The LG GW520 promises much - but can it deliver?


The 3-megapixel camera is okay rather than great. It launches with a press of the shutter button in around four seconds, so it's not bad for quick snaps.

There's no autofocus so you'll need to be a bit careful with your composition but then again, it takes its shots with only about a second delay.


There's no flash and not much in the way of other extras, just a multi-shot option (three, six or nine pics), night mode and a timer (three, five and ten seconds).

Picture quality isn't bad considering its limitations. It will take pics at up to a maximum of 2048x1536 pixels and if you're careful with your light and don't try anything too fancy you can get some reasonably sharp snaps which you can upload direct to your blog via the Blogger app.


QUALITY: The camera fails to focus properly and colours look washed out

There's an editing suite on board which allows you to add drawings, text or icons to your pics, as well as adjusting brightness, colour and contrast. There's also a range of effects filters which as well as offering the usual monochrome and sepia, also has oil painting, mosaic blur and sketch


LIGHT: In soft light, the camera does ok...


...but in dark conditions performance drops massively

For video recording quality drops a considerable notch since it records in QVGA resolution at just 12fps, which is pretty paltry even by camphone standards. You can add audio or text and there are different effects to merge one video or image into another such as a dissolve or an uncovering effect.