LG GW520 review

It's more stylish Cookie than clever Arena, but the GW520 feels underpowered where it counts

LG GW520
The LG GW520 promises much - but can it deliver?


The GW520's interface is much the same as other touchscreen phones from LG, featuring the now familiar array of widgets with which you can populate the home screen. A settings icon near the bottom opens up the widgets tray, so you can choose which widgets you want on your home screen


It's a nice system, but there aren't quite enough widgets available. You can choose from an analogue clock, message counter, web search, FM radio, music player, notes, picture slideshow, dual location world clock, calendar, weather, Facebook and push email.

We'd have liked a web widget that takes you straight to your preferred home page, or a movie player, but unfortunately you can't add new widgets from the main menu, which is quite a let-down, especially in comparison to Samsung's TouchWiz interface.


If the home screen starts to look cluttered however, you can shake the handset to make the widgets line up more neatly, so long as you have your widgets tray open.

At the bottom of the screen are four fixed shortcuts – keypad, contacts, messaging and menu. The menu is neatly laid out, with four groups of icons which you switch between via the selection bar on the right.

Incidentally, you can adjust the selection bar so it either flips between menu pages or scrolls through them, and the menus do that nice little iPhone-style bouncing thing when you scroll through them.


As with other recent LG touchscreen phones, a press on an empty part of the home page will bring up a status page offering info on your network, connectivity, memory and data usage.