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Yahoo Mail (Beta) review

How does Yahoo Mail Beta compare to its rivals?

It's good but then there's Gmail...

Our Verdict

Some redeeming features but it can't compete with Gmail


  • Excellent search functionality


  • Slow

    Only 1GB of storage

    Intrusive advertising

Yahoo proved to be slow in testing, largely, we suspect, because of the Flash-based adverts reloading as you move between features. We also found this advertising distracting. That said, the tabbed message interface enables you to multi-task, which you can't do with some other email services.

Like Windows Live Mail, Yahoo adopts an Outlook-alike view complete with drag-and-drop functionality. The excellent search functionality covers attachments and messages, and is impressive. As is the service integration with contact sharing, calendaring and IM.

Like Gmail, Yahoo offers forwarding and POP message collection. But where Yahoo moves ahead of the pack is with its RSS feed integration into folders below the inbox. Also, the 'true-switch' service makes transferring address books, calendars and messagebases from numerous services a breeze. But ultimately the meagre 1GB of storage, slow loading times and intrusive advertising mean that Yahoo can't compete with the likes of Gmail. Davey Winder