OnOne Software FocalPoint 2

Recreate depth of field effects to focus your viewers' attention

OnOne Software FocalPoint 2
Add focus and special effects to your photos with this handy software

As we found with Alien Skin Bokeh 2, there's a limit to how realistic any digital defocusing tool can be, since you can't really recreate the complex planes of a 3D scene from a 2D image. But OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 gets pretty close, delivering remarkably convincing results.

We liked

OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 has a clear, direct interface, it enables you to see the effects of your adjustments as soon as you start working, and it can deliver striking and convincing defocusing effects.

We disliked

The Focus Bug looks smart, but it can be fiddly to use if you're trying to make careful adjustments to the size, shape, position and feathering effect.

Final verdict

Although not perfect, perhaps OnOne Software FocalPoint 2's real value lies in the way it opens your eyes to the creative and compositional potential of your photos.