OnOne Software FocalPoint 2

Recreate depth of field effects to focus your viewers' attention

OnOne Software FocalPoint 2
Add focus and special effects to your photos with this handy software

The question you're bound to ask, though, is what OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 can do that you couldn't do in Photoshop with the Gaussian Blur or Lens Blur tools and a little creative masking?

Quite a lot, actually. First, it bypasses the whole Photoshop selecting, feathering and blurring processes with a much simpler and more intuitive approach. Second, it does produce a much better 'blur' effect, and for those who set great store by this quality of bokeh, that's going to be a very important point.

It's also much better at blurring around tight selections than Photoshop is. Photoshop will use image detail within the selection to create the blur, creating a soft, ghosted outline around an object even when it's tightly selected. OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 does this much less.

Sometimes, very bright highlights in the selection area will show up as brighter, defocused patches around it, but most of the time it offers a dramatic improvement over any selection/blurring processing you can apply in Photoshop.