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Dare to be Creative ResizeMe 2.0 review

ResizeMe will perform some nifty tricks - if you can figure them out…

ResizeMe 2.0
ResizeMe 2.0 is a good option for batch processing but falters on image manipulation

Our Verdict

Although not always easy to use, ResizeMe is powerful and very reliable for batch processing images


  • Strong batch-processing tools
  • Easy effects like watermarks


  • Lacks a draggable crop tool
  • No help, sometimes non-intuitive

With eccentric aspects to its interface, exacerbated by the absence of help, Dare to be Creative's ResizeMe 2.0 is unlikely to replace image-manipulation tools like Seashore.

But it offers good batch processing, letting you select multiple images and apply common transformations.

Only one image at a time is visible, but transformation is applied to all open files. And there are some really useful features that help avoid unwanted side effects that often plague batch transformations.

For example, when resizing you can choose to only scale down and ignore images that are smaller than the desired size. When rotating, as well as specifying degrees, you can make all images portrait or landscape. And you can add visual effects more easily than in comparable image editors. It's simple to insert watermarks, or create reflections.

Other features are less useful. Cropping by specifying image size and offset is difficult for anyone used to a draggable crop tool, and since batch cropping is only sensible when all images are similar, there's no reason not to provide one. And the interface can be confusing.

For example, Zoom maximises the ResizeMe window, rather than zooming in on the image.

For editing single images, ResizeMe is not worth it. But if you regularly need to process large quantities, it's worth persevering with.