Apple Music review

Apple's evolving music streaming service makes some welcome improvements

apple music review
Image Credit: Apple Music

At launch we were not big fans of the Apple Music interface. However, since 2015 it has improved. It's cleaner, and makes better use of screen space.

In a few areas it seems to have been designed to be different from the competition just for the sake of being different. It's perhaps a little easier to navigate Spotify or Tidal. 



Social listening

Apple made it easier to find new music in iOS 11 with the introduction of a Spotify-like feature that highlights what your friends are listening to. You can set your Music profile to public or private but if it's pblic you can determine exactly what playlists you'd like to share and show your friends what you're listening to. 

This means if you have one friend whose music taste you admire, you can get suggestions from them without even having to ask. 

iOS 11 also added a new feature called 'Up Next' which will prove to be very useful for parties. With this feature you can set up a playlist and invite your friends to add their favorite track on their own, without interrupting the flow of the music. 

apple music review


Apple Music over 45 million tracks – similar to Spotify and Google Music. 

So most of the music we searched for was present and correct, but as with all music streaming services, there are also some glaring omissions. Apple has exclusive access to Taylor Swift's latest album, and other rare titles like In Rainbows by Radiohead. But it's also missing some albums that are available elsewhere.

It's par for the course in this territory, when you stream music you have to accept that not everything you look for will be available on your chosen service.

Extended API

Apple MusicKit opens up Apple Music to more third party developers which should make it more useful as a part of your overall mobile experience as it'll be integrated into more of the other apps you use every day.

Examples of apps that integrate Apple Music include Nike and Shazam. The Nike app will be able to intelligently work with Apple Music to get the best music for your workouts, and Shazam will now be able to automatically add the songs you find using it to your Apple Music library, saving your the trouble of finding it twice.