Panasonic RP-SDV16GE1K SD HC

Over 300 hours of music can be stored on this nifty card

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Our Verdict

This card does its job well and provides lots of room for your music and videos


  • Stacks of storage
  • Decent transfer speeds


  • Format isn't compatible with all card-reading devices

This is a standard SD card that supports High Capacity, so you won't be able to use it in devices that don't already support SD HC. This lack of compatibility is down to the way SD HC cards read data, as they use FAT32, so they address sector writing, which isn't supported in older cards.

Bundles of storage

With 16GB of storage on this card you'll be able to store, on average, 320 hours of music or 100 hours of MPEG-4 footage at 384Kbps resolution. This amount of storage needs a fast controller, so this Class 6 card is guaranteed a constant data transfer rate of 6Mbps, but can obtain a maximum speed of 20Mbps.

We found the card could transfer 1GB in a little over three minutes, which is slow, but once reformatted, this dropped to two minutes 12 seconds, which is much more acceptable.