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Buffalo Nfiniti Router WZR-G300N review

Easy to use and plenty of features

Our Verdict

Reliable, easy to use kit with admirable stability.

Buffalo certainly seems to pride itself on being one of the first networking companies to hit the market with new technologies, thanks to a close relationship with Broadcom.

On a performance front, the Buffalo kit was reassuringly solid in all conditions. It certainly kept its head up during the short-range test, falling short of the fastest speeds but providing a consistent rate of data transfer. The medium-distance test did show it lagging behind some of its rivals, but not by much, while at extreme range it kept a solid, consistent connection.

Troublingly though, this admirably stable transfer speed was still less than other MIMO-G systems that we've seen. Despite this, the easy-to-use and feature-rich interface does help the Buffalo pick up a few much-needed points, and the router is particularly low in price, as are the network cards.