Akasa Combo USB Hub

Multiple card support, plus three USB ports

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Our Verdict

USB compatibility turns this versatile card reader into a USB hub too


  • Includes 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Wide compatibility


  • No support for xD-Picture cards
  • Only USB 1.1 when self-powered

With the ever-growing number of memory card formats available, having a reader that is able to handle them all is growing increasingly necessary.

The Akasa Combo goes that little bit further by adding three USB 2.0 ports to the line-up, making it a hub as well. As it's available in a range of colours, you can pick one to match your laptop or home setup.

You'll find support for 11 different card types, in all their formats, including T-Flash (Micto CD). The only card it won't support is the xD-Picture card, which is increasingly common in digital cameras.

Supplied with a sleeve, you can take the reader on the move with you, but when self-powered it runs at USB 1.1 speed, so isn't ideal for transferring large files. However, the power supply does offer full 40Mbps speeds from the USB 2.0 ports.