BenQ FP202W

A monitor that gets lost in the crowd

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Our Verdict

Decent performance for the price allows us to forgive the bland styling... almost


  • Good value for money


  • Poor contrast

BenQ will be thanking goodness for minor mercies. You see, we are sophisticated, discerning aficionados of the finer points of flat panelry. If looks and on-paper specifications alone were judge and jury of our panel proselytising, the FP202W would be a lost cause.

For starters, it's extremely hard to imagine a more anonymous and, frankly, more unimpressive looking 20-inch widescreen monitor. Minimalist to a fault is as generous as we're willing to be. It's not exactly bursting with features, either, thanks to a chassis that supports tilt-only adjustability, a total deficit of expansion ports, video inputs limited to just one VGA and one DVI port and, most worryingly of all, TN Film panel technology.

But for the money, this is an extremely solid performer on many levels, with good pixel response, decent viewing angles and adequate brightness. Our only major complaint is poor contrast performance. The consequence is a rather washed out overall appearance and significant backlight bleed when rendering black tones. Jeremy Laird