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InFocus IN10 review

A small-format projector designed to be taken with you

Weighing in at 1.1kg, this is a small format projector ideal for taking on the move

Our Verdict

A handy and portable offering for first-timers


  • Small and lightweight

    Easy to set up

    Good data projector


  • Noisy fan

    Not brilliant with multimedia

The design of data projectors hasn't changed in recent times and the InFocus IN10 (£800 inc. VAT) sports a similar design to the machine it's replacing. However, what has changed are its internal controllers and the overall picture quality.

Weighing in at 1.1kg, this is a small format projector ideal for taking on the move. Connections on the rear are kept to a minimum, with a DVI port being the main means of connecting to your laptop. This is great if your laptop has a digital throughput; however, as most portables still use a VGA-out connection, InFocus ships a splitter lead so you can send analogue signals to the projector.

This DLP machine has a rating of 1800 ANSI lumens and works in standard 4:3 aspect ratio mode. The image quality is stunning with plenty of white added to the basic mix, which is great for presentations where you need as much colour contrast as possible. However, you won't find detail as sharp when it comes to using this machine for multimedia purposes.

In a move to make projectors even easier to use, the remote control has the least number of controls we've ever seen. While this makes using the projector easy once it's set up, you'll find you'll need to wade through quite a few screens in order to change the settings. Plug in the USB controller and you'll be able to navigate your onscreen content as it doubles as a mouse, which is a neat touch.

Setting up this unit was easy and, with the inclusion of straightforward documentation, even the first-time user will find it easy to use. While image quality was more than impressive, we did find the unit suffered from a large amount of fan noise. One area this machine excelled over the Optoma EP1691 was in the startup and shutdown times, as the InFocus clearly has a time advantage in both areas.

If you're looking for a hassle-free data projector to take on the road with you, this has stunning potential.