Kobo eReader Touch

A real Kindle Touch rival - and this one's on sale in the UK

Kobo eReader Touch
The Kobo's touchscreen means its browser is much easier to use than the one on a Kindle Keyboard

Kobo ereader touch

The Kobo eReader Touch looks and feels more expensive than it is, and to our eyes it's cooler than the new Amazon Kindles. The online catalogue isn't quite as big as Amazon's, but it's still big. For mainstream fiction and non-fiction reading, the Kobo is well worth a look.

We liked

The Kobo eReader Touch is impressive on multiple fronts: it looks good, it's easy to get the display just-so and there are Kobo editions of pretty much any book you'd expect to find in WHSmith.

We disliked

Maybe we're just fat fingered, but we found the bezel too thin for comfortable one-handed operation. Some of the display fonts are rather insubstantial, and the lack of 3G may be a deal-breaker for some.

Final verdict

The Kobo eReader Touch is an interesting and desirable alternative to the Kindle Touch - and unlike Amazon's touchscreen ereader, you can buy one in Britain. It's much more desirable than the entry-level Kindle, and if you're considering an ereader it should definitely be on your shortlist.