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Samsung PL150 review

Can the dual-screen compact also deliver quality photographs?

Samsung PL150
The front facing LCD is a nice touch we can see other manufacturers copying soon

You can choose between miniature, fish-eye or vignetting. There's further style settings under a separate menu, including 'Sketch' style, 'Negative', 'Retro' and so on. Unfortunately, we've seen better examples on other cameras, particularly the Canon IXUS 130, but never-the-less it's nice to see them on-board for creative photographers.

In Program mode there's a few basic setting changes that can be made, including AF, metering mode, ISO and white balance. Given that this is basically a cheap point-and-shoot, it's great to see options like this, allowing users to begin to learn a bit more about photography.

Overall images are clear and sharp, with excellent colour rendition. There's a slight problem with noise creeping in, even in bright conditions with low ISO, so it's clear that this camera is not best suited to low-light shooting.

Unfortunately, at full optical zoom, the lens doesn't perform particularly well, resulting in less than crisp images (see our test shot). On the plus side, image stabilisation works well to combat hand shake, and the camera does a good job of guessing which scene it was presented with.

Samsung PL150: Sample images

sample 1

sample 2

sample 3

sample 4