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On paper the FS37 has a lot going for it. A high resolution sensor, useful 8x zoom range and an innovative touch screen interface.

In practice it doesn't seem to cut the mustard when compared to some of the competition. Images are quite noisy and soft at high sensitivities, the auto white balance doesn't perform well under artificial light and the touch screen interface can be unresponsive if using fingers to navigate the menu.

All this considered, those who are in the market for a well constructed, compact and lightweight camera for taking shots mainly in good light reasonably small print sizes or sharing on the web may find the simple sleek design and ease of use suits them just fine.

We liked

The simple, sleek design, compact size, good build quality and the useful 8x zoom range are all positive aspects of this camera.

We disliked

Noise can be an issue at higher settings and the touch screen interface can take some getting used to