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At only 27.7mm thick at its widest point, the FS37 is remarkably slim for a camera sporting an 8x optical zoom lens, making it perfect for slipping into a pocket or handbag for social gatherings or nights on the town.

A two-tone finish has been applied to the metal body, which is typical of Lumix cameras. The silver lens surround protrudes from the body by about 4mm and a chrome finger grip is located on the front. This grip is very close to the edge of the camera, making it difficult to use to gain any extra purchase over the camera body. Despite its light weight, the metal body feels very solid and durable.


Due to the touch screen interface, the FS37's rear is clear of any buttons and the camera looks very sleek and stylish as a result. Only a narrow space has been allowed to rest your thumb to the right of the three inch screen. This can occasionally result in the touch screen being activated accidentally if due care isn't taken.


At 230,000 dots, the screen resolution isn't the highest currently available, but it is clear enough for evaluating images and menu text is easy to read, if a little chunky in appearance. In bright light the screen can be quite difficult to see clearly, due to the mirror-like touch-sensitive finish and its tendency to become covered in fingerprints during use. A small stylus is supplied, which attaches to the wrist strap. Operating the touch interface is much easier with this, as the touch targets are quite small and unresponsive when using fingers to navigate the menus.