Toshiba 32SL738
The 32SL738 looks good and is well connected, with a very attractive price

Toshiba 32sl738

The slim cabinet and glossy finish certainly don't look like they belong to such a cheap TV.
Signs of its budget nature start to appear with its connections, though, as we fail to turn up an Ethernet port and only find three HDMIs rather than our preferred four.

Not having an Ethernet immediately indicates, of course, that the 32SL738 doesn't have a Freeview HD tuner, and that it can't access DLNA PC content.

It does play JPEGs and music files from USB sticks though, and can double up as a PC monitor, so it's certainly not completely anti-multimedia.

Picture quality is a mixed bag. Light sequences look good once you've calibrated away a few colour imbalances, thanks to a strong brightness output and vivid colour saturations. But dark scenes are upset by twin issues of an inconsistent backlight and an over-aggressive, underwhelming dynamic backlight system.

Add to these hit-and-miss pictures a really very feeble audio performance, and you've got a set that isn't quite the edge LED blockbuster it might at first appear.

We liked

The 32SL738 is very nicely designed and has a fair amount of multimedia support for its price and its pictures are enjoyable when fed bright, breezy sources.

We disliked

Its operating system feels dated and perplexing in places and audio is below par, while dark scenes are troubled by backlight problems. The lack of online capability is mildly disappointing and the absence of a Freeview HD tuner is a big letdown.


The 32SL738 looks good and is well connected, but the lack of a Freeview HD tuner feels like a trim too far and the backlight inconsistency is a worry.