Philips 32PFL9705
The ambilight halo has been extended to the top of the screen for a more immersive effect

Philips 32pfl9705 5

With a price tag of £1,300 for a 32-inch TV, the 32PFL9705 was always going to have to try harder than most to justify its cost. But it succeeds in pretty emphatic fashion.

For starters, its feature count is absolutely enormous, including unprecedented multimedia support and the most powerful picture processing engine in the business. Plus it just so happens to produce the best picture we've seen on a 32-inch flat TV, accompanied for a change by superb sound.

We liked:

The 32PFL9705 starts to win your heart as soon as you look at it, thanks to its sleek metallic chassis and ingenious Ambilight system.

Then, after a brief bout of brain battering, you also grow to love its huge multimedia support, especially the full internet access.

And finally you regularly find your jaw gaping open in amazement at just how astonishingly good for a 32in set its picture and sound quality are.

We disliked:

Only the well-heeled need apply. It's not a set for the technically faint-hearted, either, for getting the best from it requires regular revisits to some of the countless picture adjustments. Finally, you can see haloing if you have to watch from much of an angle and the omission of a Freeview HD tuner is a bizarre oversight.


Philips likes to push boundaries with its flagship 9000 Series TVs and it's done this again in grandstanding style with the 32PFL9705. What's more, it's done it on two fronts.

In feature terms, its expanded its multimedia support with the unique MediaConnect system, offering a really great way of getting your TV and PC to work together for people not comfortable with the usual more inscrutable TV file streaming approaches.

The other area where the 32PFL9705 breaks new ground is with its picture quality. The use of direct LED lighting with local dimming really does make the set the best picture performer the 32-inch world has ever produced. And you can't ask for much more than that.

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