LG 50PX990
The LG 50PX990 is THX 3D certified, meaning you should not get crosstalk when viewing 3D content

LG 50px990


Audio is decent, nothing more, nothing less. It follows the usual slim TV sound format, with a clear, if not particularly open, mid-range, a decent amount of treble detail, and bass that sounds unconvincing and underpowered when pushed at all hard.


The 50PX990's price seems about right, for it places the TV comfortably in the middle of what is being asked for its direct rivals and is exactly in line with its level of performance.

Ease of use

The onscreen menus are excellent, combining plenty of high-quality icons with clearly presented, well organised lists of mostly jargon-free text. It's a testament to just how effective the system is that it is now being aped by many of LG's rivals.

Regularly used features such as the Freeview electronic programme guide (EPG) are fluid and cleanly presented the remote control is reasonably well laid out.

Even better, LG includes a second, simplified handheld unit perfect for everyday use, which is a really nifty touch.