LG 50PX990
The LG 50PX990 is THX 3D certified, meaning you should not get crosstalk when viewing 3D content

LG 50px990

THX-endorsed 3D playback is unquestionably the standout feature of the 50PX990. The 3D transmitter is built into the TV's chassis and a single pair of active shutter 3D glasses – complete with handy USB recharge cable – is included. It's a pity LG doesn't include a second pair of glasses with the TV, given 3D's supposedly more social appeal; rival sets from Panasonic and now Philips include two pairs.

The 50PX990 can play back every key UK 3D format, including Sky's side-by-side approach, as well as the latest full HD alternate frame system and the set is able to derive three-dimensional pictures from conventional 2D sources.

The four v1.4 HDMI sockets support full HD 3D playback and the various features associated with the format and are joined by a healthy roster of other connections. An Ethernet port supports the online function and also enables you to access files stored on a DLNA PC as well as acting as a portal to future interactive services associated with the set's Freeview HD tuner.

If you can't easily get an Ethernet cable from the TV to your router, fear not, for the 50PX990 also ships with a USB dongle included that makes the TV Wi-Fi capable.

Two USB ports can function as multimedia players and can handle JPEG photo files, MP3 audio files and, excellently, DivX HD video files.

One further jack of interest is for attaching a wireless AV link system. This enables you to receive HD pictures and audio from your sources without having to connect them physically to the TV, though it is currently unclear as to whether or not this potentially useful accessory is available in the UK.

NetCast is the first unimpressive thing about the 50PX990. The online service stretches only as far as YouTube, the Picasa online photo album site and a fairly basic weather channel, which represents a seriously limited offering compared to LG's competitors, particularly Sony.

The 50PX990 gets right back on track with its excellent picture adjustment tools. The THX badge is joined by an endorsement from the Imaging Science Foundation, which has decreed the TV flexible enough to be calibrated to a professional standard by one of its engineers – should you care to pay for the privilege.

You have to choose one of the ISF picture presets if you want to access all of the many tools available. The 'Expert' controls the ISF presets, which include the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of the red, green and blue picture elements as well as the saturation and tint of the red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan elements.

More standard adjustments, meanwhile, include various noise reduction settings, a black level booster, an optional dynamic contrast system, adjustable gamma levels, an edge enhancer and a film mode.

The final features of the 50PX990 are 600Hz sub-field drive processing, LG's 'TruBlack filter' for boosting contrast and reducing onscreen reflections, a native full HD resolution and a claimed contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1.