Tidal review

Stream CD-quality music + HD music videos with the ease of Spotify

Tidal Music

Tidal is the CD quality music streaming service hi-fi people have been waiting for.

For a brand new service, the level of detail that's been put in and the number of different ways to explore new music is simply fantastic. If it didn't cost double the price of a standard subscription, I would say it's well worth anyone switch over immediately.

Whether your ears care about the increase in fidelity, whether you have the headphones and playback devices to make the best of it, and whether the extra cash is worth it, only you can tell. But with a one-week trial for everyone, there's simply no reason not to at least give it a try.

We liked

Sound quality is the obvious attraction here and provided you listen using the right equipment, you'll easily notice the difference compared to lower-quality formats.

The service is compatible with Sonos and other players such as Marantz receivers and if you're an iPhone or iPad owner you'll be able to stream over AirPlay without any loss of quality.

We disliked

Honestly, the fact that Jay Z now owns Tidal and has dished out shares to all his rich chums in the industry hasn't made us any more fond of the service. But we can get over that.

It's clear the desktop player needs plenty of work and the catalogue could do with some fleshing out but these are works in progress and not major issues that should dissuade you from getting involved.

The price is obviously the main turn-off for Tidal. There's absolutely no reason to opt for the Tidal Premium option over a Spotify Premium one, given that they're the same price despite Spotify's clear superiority. No, the only reason to go with Tidal is for the £20 HiFi streaming and on that score, only you know how much you value sound quality.


We really love Tidal. And while seeing Jay Z and his mates at the helm is almost as hard as watching Joffrey Lannister terrorise the citizens of King's Landing, it's really no reason to not give it a shot. The sound quality is truly excellent and the apps are largely very easy to use.

The price is clearly the barrier to entry but we reckon if you're a fan of sound quality, the free trial might be enough to persuade you that it's worth the cost.