Philips DTR5520
It's a shame there is no CI slot for adding a Top-Up TV subscription


A broadcast on BBC HD features a vivid image with well saturated and nuanced colours, though skin tones can seem a little peachy. The detail level is high, naturally, but motion is handled relatively well – there's rarely much blur as the camera pans – and the overall picture is spotless.

It's a similar story on ITV 1 HD, though unfortunately it's a lot harder to find native hi-def material on 'the light channel'– an up-rezzed live broadcast of the National Movie Awards just didn't cut it. Phew. Some Freeview HD boxes let you know whether you're watching native HD or SD; the DTR5520 does not, though it's not difficult to see for yourself.

front angle

Talking of upscaling – a crucial skill for any Freeview HD box – the DTR5520 gives the many standard-def channels an pristine polish. That same rich colour and deep contrast (and ripe skin tones) continue on Pirates of the Caribbean on BBC3, with the slight drop in detail the only clue that you're watching SD – the DTR5520 is as clever an upscaler as any Freeview HD box we've seen.