OLED lighting within three years

Flexy OLED lighting
Flexy OLED lighting

Konica Minolta has signed a deal with OLED developer Universal Display Corporation (UDC) to develop the technology in lighting applications.

The two companies have signed an OLED Technology Licence Agreement that will involve Konica using some special little tricks UDC has developed to make more efficient OLEDs.

Konica intends to produce OLED lighting by 2011, and this deal will help bring the technology closer to fruition.

OLED efficiency

Using something called phosphorescent OLED tech (PHOLED), the next-gen display and lighting technology can be made to run almost four times more efficiently, helping to drop cost and improve performance compared to current lighting.

"By incorporating the phosphorescent OLED technology of Universal Display with our own technologies, such as our blue phosphorescent material technology, multi-layer design technology, optical design technology and coating technology, we will further accelerate development and commercialisation of OLED lighting," says Masatoshi Matsuzaki, Chief Technology Officer of Konica Minolta Holdings.

As part of the deal, Konica will share royalties from future OLED lighting with UDC, which has a struck a number of similar deals with companies in the lighting and display markets.