Space tourism hope for US rocket company

Moog Industries hopes to rival Virgin Galactic
Moog Industries hopes to rival Virgin Galactic

New Mexico was the site this week for a rocket demonstration which could well prove the economic viability of public space flights.

The low-altitude rocket was created by Moog Industries and while the company deemed the launch a success, there were a number of problems with the rocket.

These included, according to MSN, a 90-minute delay, the rocket missing the runway by several hundred feet and the postponement of another launch that day. This would have been a significant step in showing that space travel could have a fairly fast turnaround.

Proving viability

Nevertheless, New Mexico's Spaceport Director Steve Landeene said about the launch: "This is the precursor to huge things, multibillion-dollar projects. You've got to prove it's viable."

And Ray Nielsen, Chief Engineer for Moog Industries, was happy with the launch saying the rocket had completed "100% of its objectives."

Eventually, Moog Industries hopes to rival Virgin Galactic's £118,000 space flights which are due to start in two years.