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Ever wanted your own mouse trail?

The Sensacell light-up floor
The Sensacell light-up floor

Floor tiles. Every step on their dull, monochrome exterior brings another sigh, as the drudgery of lifting your feet to get somewhere else eats away at your depressed soul.

Well, thank God for Sensacell. This company looked at the problem, threw LEDs and some processing power at it, and voila! A solution fit for the best '70's boogie-master.

When you walk over a floor made of thousands of these interactive modules, a light array is activated, giving you your very own light footprint.

I'm going to get you…

Brilliant. And helpful if you're walking down a long tunnel and don't want to forget which way you came from should you get lost. Though not so good if you're being chased and are trying to hide.

Each module uses capacitive sensors and a huge number of little LED chips to create the light show, and is currently installed in the entrance to the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain.

TechRadar wants an installation right here so we can recreate come great '70's disco movies. Waddya say, Sensacell?

Luckily YouTube has a lovely little vid so you can decide whether this is the tech you've been missing.