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Apple wants $2.5 billion from Samsung

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Apple's looking for a big bite of Samsung's profits

What's the cost of patent infringement?

To Apple, $2.5 billion (£1.59 billion).

This is according to a filing made Friday by the prosecuting party in the Apple vs. Samsung case, an ongoing trial unfolding in San Jose, Calif.

Apple alleges Samsung ripped off a number of its design and technology patents, confusing consumers and leading to a dilution of the market that affect its sales.

With the trial, Apple's hoping to get some of those profits back.

For U.S. variants of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2, Apple's seeking damages to their sales of $1.98 billion (£1.26 billion), $1.34 billion (£8.54 million) for the U.S. version of the Galaxy S alone. The rest comes from other "accused devices."

The profit attack goes after models carried by different parteners, such a Sprint's Epic 4G, of which Apple wants $325 million (£2.07 million) of the profits, and AT&T's Captivate, worth $202 million (£1.28 million) in sales to them.

Apple also wants $642 million (£4.09 million) in profits for the Galaxy Sii

Under American patent law, a design patent owner is entitled to the patent infringer's profits, backing Apple's claims to a piece of Samsung's profit pie

Thanks to sales data released by both company's Thursday, Apple's got a good idea how much it can charge.

Via The Verge and JDJournal