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USB sticks replace old-school VHS tapes

USB drive
Hmm, what might someone record on one of these?

It might sound a touch Luddite, but a new digital video recorder from the UK that records to USB memory sticks could just be a deal-breaker for millions still stuck in old ruts.

The GiGo DV-DTR1 Digital Freeview recorder from Bedford-based Digital Vision is a standard digibox with a single tuner for free-to-air digital broadcasts.

EPG too

However, instead of packing an internal hard drive it can output recordings onto any external USB storage device. It can schedule these and pull data from the standard electronic programme guides.

Given that Digital Vision's advertising shows USB sticks with paper labels indicating their content, it's a safe bet to assume the machine will appeal to anyone used to VHS recording habits. A 2GB stick will hold about an hour of MPEG-2 TV recordings.

Get it at Tesco

So far, we don't know much beyond the scant details on the under-construction website, although sources say Tesco will be selling the DTR1 for £70 in September.

Via Everything USB