Panasonic builds 300 millionth TV set

Panasonic Viera
Panasonic's 300 millionth TV was a high-end Viera PDP

After more than half a century of making TVs, Panasonic has announced that it has become the first manufacturer to crank out 300 million sets.

The Japanese giant says the milestone Viera unit rolled off the production line on Tuesday, just 10 years after the company hit 200 million TV sets. No other TV maker has yet approached the 300 million mark.

Ahead of the pack

Panasonic's TV business began in November 1952, when its first monochrome set arrived. That came a full year before proper broadcasts began in Japan.

By 1960, the company had its first colour TV set, to be followed over the years by a range of brands including the current Viera, Saga, Quintrix, tau and Gaoo models.

For the record, Panasonic says TV number 300 million was a Viera TH-50PZR900 – a 50-inch plasma telly that costs around ¥330,000 (£1,880) in Japan.