6 green TVs that'll save you money & the planet


Winner: Sony KDL-40WE5

Innovation and value give Sony the green light

We expected to find compromised picture standards in our pursuit of a healthier planet, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bottom of the pile is the Sharp, which is a bit weak with standard definition, fiddly to use, and doesn't sound very good. It is too hard to pick between the LG and JVC 42DV1 for fourth and fifth spots.

But in the end, despite the Korean set having the edge on design, connectivity and features, it comes in fifth with the JVC fourth – chiefly on account of the latter's superior standard-definition pictures and black level response.

Our top three TVs are all genuine Best Buys, so separating them is tough. The Panasonic takes the bronze position as it lacks the green features and wow factor of the other two.

The Samsung set produces the best overall picture quality in this group test, once you've set it up right. And it looks outrageously gorgeous. But its relatively high price together with its flat audio ultimately hand victory to the innovative and startlingly good Sony 40WE5.

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