6 green TVs that'll save you money & the planet

JVC LT-42DV1 - £1,250

The company's second Super Slim TV marks a big improvement over its first

JVC's LT-42DS9 was the first really thin flat TV to appear in the UK. But it was also an award-winningly eco-friendly set for numerous reasons. Now the sequel is here in the shape of the LT-42DV1.

And although at 69mm at its deepest point it's not significantly slimmer than the LT-42DS9, the LT-42DV1 does deliver one or two extra green touches.

This JVC set uses a little less power, for instance – just 159W, typically.

Turning the dynamic contrast system on definitely deepens black levels, but only at the expense of a little shadow detail and a tendency for brightness levels to jump around rather obviously. It doesn't help black levels, either, that the set's contrast reduces considerably if you have to watch from the side.

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