6 green TVs that'll save you money & the planet

Sony KDL-40WE5 - £1,319

Sony's first dedicated Eco TV breaks the 100W barrier

There is one feature inside Sony's eye-catchingly white KDL-40WE5 that we just can't ignore – a power consumption of just 97W while it's in use.

This figure is lower than those claimed by most 32in – and even some 26in – TVs and more than 50 per cent lower than the manufacturer's own 40W4500 40-incher. The main reason for this power saving is newly developed backlight technology, which uses Hot Cathode Fluorescent lamps (HCFLs), rather than the usual CCFLs.

With the KDL-40WE5's excellent pictures being joined by some suitably powerful and clean audio, the only negative thing to say about this terrific 40in eco warrior is that its colours and contrast drop off if you watch from a wide angle. Otherwise, it's all good. Very, very good.

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