6 green TVs that'll save you money & the planet

Samsung UE-46B8000 - £2,000

Solid mid-range screen with good looks and decent performance

The Samsung 8 series UE-46B8000 LED TV is currently being backed by a huge TV advertising campaign in the UK. Viewers are instructed to simply search for "Samsung LED".

Clearly, Samsung is trying to create some buzz around its new LED TVs, and it's working.

Just like many other strong eco TVs, Samsung's green efforts extend right back to the UE-46B8000's core construction.

Slight backlight inconsistencies appear if you watch the screen from much of an angle; the 200Hz engine can cause processing side effects if used on anything other than its Clear setting; the sound system lacks bass; and black levels can look washed out from some digital sources if you don't use the HDMI Level Low menu tweak.

However, while not perfect, pictures are still every bit as gorgeous as its design. And you couldn't really ask for more than that.

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