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FetchTV moves from set tops to smart TVs

FetchTV moves from set tops to smart TVs
Panasonic and Samsung get OTT premium content

Samsung and Panasonic have announced another substantial addition to their television app ranges, with the arrival of FetchTV.

The app is set to deliver TV, movie and sports content and marks a transition for FetchTV makers IP Vision – from set-top boxes to portals on smart TV setups.

Samsung has been busy of late, adding a number of new apps to its connected TV range – one of the more intriguing in recent weeks was that of estate agents RightMove.

Unprecedented choice

Speaking about the new app, Eddie Abrams, CEO of IP Vision, provider of the FetchTV service, said: "Combining the capabilities and benefits of broadcast TV with those of broadband, Smart TV delivers unprecedented choice and convenience for consumers.

"We're excited that FetchTV will be part of the new connected entertainment experience for Smart TV owners."

Although the app will be free to download, FetchTV is a a PAYG service, with movies starting around 99p – which isn't too bad for those with a smart TV but no set-top box to plug into it.

The FetchTV app is available now on Panasonic Viera TVs and will be on Samsung connected televisions as of Q1 2012.