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iPad 2 launch supplies could be limited due to ultra-thin screen

Super-slim iPad 2 to be like gold dust at first?
Super-slim iPad 2 to be like gold dust at first?

Although the iPad 2 is set to launch tomorrow, customers could be in for a frustrating wait to get their hands on a device if rumours coming from Wall Street are to be believed.

Production delays have been blamed on the production process of the super-thin iPad 2 screen, according to Bill Shope, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, who penned a note to investors to that effect.

He wrote, "It appears that Apple is once again pushing the technology envelope by making the device far thinner than the original iPad, and the iPad 2's ultra-thin glass screen is generating yield issues."

Oh dear

There's a bright side to the note, however: "This appears to be more of a process problem as opposed to a technology problem, and we wouldn't be surprised to see volumes ramp fairly quickly as the process improves."

Regardless of long-term availability, the note implies that launch stock of the iPad 2 will be fairly limited.

So if you like what Apple reveals tomorrow, you may want to get down to your nearest Apple Store and start queuing as soon as that 'one more thing' is out of the way.

Via AppleInsider